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Kindale Finance Solutions is a Government Licenced Finance Broker operating in Western Australia since 1999.

    We arrange loans and mortgages for our clients’ homes, business needs and personal requirements.

We provide this service free to our clients, as the lenders pay our fees. There is no charge if you don’t accept the mortgage offered.

    Our access to MOST mortgage lenders in Australia means we can often provide a more competitive rate than if you were to ask any particular bank directly. Lenders understand that when they talk to us they are often bidding for the business so they need to sharpen their rates.

    We provide our clients annual “Mortgage Health Checks” free of charge. This may involve reviewing your loans with our well established checklist and ensuring you are getting the best available rates and conditions that suit your circumstances now, and for the next year. We specialise in providing our free expert services for helping you to obtain:

    Home Loans (owner-occupiers and investors)

  • Business and Commercial (including commercial property investment)
  • LoDoc Loans (where tax returns are not required)
  • Vehicles, Plant and Equipment
  • Debt consolidation (including ATO) loans
  • Debtor financing (factoring) and
  • Deposit Bonds.

    In most circumstances, lenders require security from real estate/plant & equipment debtors etc. Unsecured loans are possible but difficult. We carry Professional Indemnity Insurance, as full members of MFAA (peak industry body) and AFCA (dispute resolution body sanctioned by ASIC).

    Our specialist team of seasoned loan negotiators are willing to help you understand your situation better and provide you a better understanding of your investment portfolio potential.

    Please consider us as a resource to assist you in achieving your deals.

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