An Australian Innovative Company provides an important part of the solution, worldwide!

Engas Pty Ltd is a privately owned company focused on delivering a natural solution to the Heating, Ventilation, Airconditioning and Refrigeration, (HVACR) market in Australia and throughout the world.

Engas Pty Ltd with its intellectual property and patented products, manufactures its own blends of Hydrocarbon refrigerant gases and distributes their product throughout Australia, Asia, Pacific, Middle East and African regions of the world.

The potential is staggering!

To reach its full potential, Engas Pty Ltd requires strategic partners to contribute a suitable management team and some further working capital to allow the current part time Director and Dr Taylor to concentrate on opening up more distribution and training centres throughout selected countries and regions which will accelerate the company’s growth.

There is also scope for a Joint Venture with complimentary company who can add to the management team and investment essentials for Engas Pty Ltd to expand.


• A structural change has occurred in the Air-conditioning industry throughout the world.
Many Air-conditioners sold in the market today have become outdated due to the refrigerants currently used.

• Government Legislation is already phasing down the supply of environmentally harmful Hydrofluorocarbon, (HFC) chemical refrigerants in Australia and internationally.


The Engas developed Hydrocarbon blend of natural refrigerants are designed for environmental performance, safety and saving money.

Engas Pty Ltd is able to meet the changing market needs of the world!

The outcome of over 12 years of engineering, research and development, encompassing sales in excess of $4,000,000 has brought the company to this stage for future rapid expansion.

The environmental performance of the Engas patent pending gases can help contribute towards Local, State and Federal Government as well as business and organisations of all sizes meeting their greenhouse reduction targets.

Engas Pty Ltd manufactures its own patented refrigerant blends, distributes, arranges transport, trains installers for installations and supplies gas storage cylinders which compliments a full service for its Client base.

The potential is staggering!

As well as being a natural Refrigerant gas, the energy saving performance reduces electricity costs, (Independently verified by CSIRO). This increases business and home profitability and competitiveness and can help grow the economy and create jobs.

The HCFC, (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) chemical refrigerants, (i.e. R22) and the replacement HFC chemical refrigerants, (i.e. 410a and R32) are seen to be Ozone depleting or contribute to global warming. The (R22) supply has already been phased down in accordance with the Montreal Protocol Global Agreement and the Paris International Climate Treaty. This is also happening with all other chemical refrigerant gases currently being used at this time.

The industry is moving back to natural refrigerants.

It is seen by many that Engas Hydrocarbon natural refrigerants are the way for the future and will maintain a better environment for all of our children and grandchildren over time!

The value of the company is essentially its Intellectual Property, Pending Patents and current distribution centres and opportunities.

Future IPO potential!


Please Contact:
DARRELL CROUCH for a Sales Information Pack and further details as required.
Mobile 0412 343 000.